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CAUTION ALERT: It has come to my attention that a new vendor is fabricating partial floor panels and outer rocker panels for the full-size Kaisers and has also attempted to knock-off (copy) my Henry-J Sub-Frame Patch Panel Kit. (inner rocker frame) and is offering his items on eBay at much reduced prices.  I attempted to work with this vendor, at no cost to him, to make much-needed
corrections to his products with no avail.  He totally ignored my suggested corrections and is
producing products that do not fit and do not match the originals. The floors do not match the
originals in any manner and the rocker panels are incorrect and will result in your doors not fitting properly. I actually purchased a set of his rocker panels and they absolutely do not fit.
I suggest you purchase products from a verified K-F Vendor  -  refer to my "Vendor" Section
Call me at 435-454-3098 if you would like addition information  -  Kaiser Bill


Henry J trunk seal leaking??  If you're having trouble with your Henry-J trunk leaking water, you need Kaiser Bill's new design trunk seal.  The original seal design did not channel the water away from the trunk. Current reproduction seals are too thick, too firm and cannot seal properly.
My newly designed seal cures all those problems.  Order Kaiser Bill's
Seal Kit #5088.  Includes seal, adhesive and instructions. Price is $39.00 plus shipping.


Heater Control Valve Rebuilding -  Lance Walker offers complete rebuilding service for your Ranco Heater Control Valve. His company, Walker Ranco Repair is located at 999 Stafford Farm Rd.,
Concord, NC 28025 Tel
704-792-9110.  You can email Lance at hornetllw@yahoo.com


New Books & References

"Bill's 40 Steps for a Successful Restoration"
"For an in-depth book on Auto Restoration Get a copy of Kaiser Bill's new book.
It is the only book that guides you step-by-step through all the proper
Restoration steps and in the correct sequence."
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